It’s Pest Control, Only Smarter.

Whatever your pest problem, trust Amco Ranger to deliver a smarter, more effective solution with guaranteed results, and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

At Amco Ranger, when it comes to pest control in the St. Louis and St. Charles area, we’re as committed to protecting your home against pests, as we are to keeping your family safe.  In fact, we are so green that we’ve received the industry’s
Green-Pro Designation, reflecting our total commitment to environmentally-responsible pest control.
So whatever your pest problem, trust us to deliver safe, sound and environmentally responsible pest management solutions. All backed by guaranteed protection and satisfaction with our services.

Effective Pest Solutions. Peace Of Mind. Guaranteed.

Pests in your home or workplace can be a lot more than just a simple nuisance; they can be a threat to your property and even your health. Even though Amco Ranger’s service strategies are more responsible, we don’t sacrifice strength and effectiveness, so you can be confident that a pest control solution from Amco Ranger will work, Guaranteed.  Whether its preventing property damage from termites, protecting your family from the allergens caused by cockroaches, or taking your backyard back from disease transmitting mosquitoes, we have the right solutions.  A FREE PEST INSPECTION by one of Amco Ranger’s trained professionals is your first step to peace of mind.

What makes Amco Ranger’s service different?

  • Guaranteed results and superior customer service
  • Effective, prevention-based pest control techniques
  • Our approach manages the source of pest problems
  • Highly focused treatments to areas where they are the most effective
  • We make use of the latest lower-risk and organic products
We have over 45 years of experience in exceeding customer expectations with pest control services that include:

Customers trust Amco Ranger to provide professional service for all types of properties.

  · Homes · Hospitals · Nursing Homes · Offices · Retail Locations · Schools ·
 · Daycare Facilities · Manufacturing Facilities · Warehouses ·

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