Termites will eat any kind of wood material, from floors to furniture, to pictures on the wall. Every year, they attack about 4 million homes in the United States, and cost over $5 billion in property damage. Termite damage is more common than damage caused by storms, fires, or earthquakes, yet it is rarely covered by homeowner’s insurance.

Learn How To Identify Signs Of Termite Activity.Learn How To Identify Signs Of Termite Activity.

  • Termites feed 24 hours a day.
  • Workers forage continuously for food.
  • Reproductive termites swarm from an existing colony in spring or fall to start new colonies.
  • The termites on Earth outweigh the humans on Earth.
  • Thousands – sometimes millions – of termites live in each soil-based colony.
  • Termites are often not discovered until after they have significantly damaged a structure.
  • Workers share food and lead others to it via scent trails.



Why Should I Worry About Termite Protection,
I Don't See Termites In My Home?

Missouri is located in a region of the country with a moderate to high threat of termite infestation, and every day homes are being attacked from the inside out. Preventative termite service is an investment in the protection of your home against termites and the millions of dollars in damage they cause in the St. Charles and St. Louis communities every year. Most home owners don’t even know they are infested with termites until the damage is done.

For these reasons, Amco Ranger is proud to be the first pest control company to offer a total preventative protection program through the Termite Shield of Protection Plan™ featuring Sentricon® with Always Active™ technology. Because we have negotiated special exclusive pricing with the manufacturer, we can offer a savings of over 60% to customers who want to prevent termite damage now, instead of waiting until after the damage is done before acting. By enrolling in The Termite Shield of Protection Plan™ featuring Sentricon® with Always Active™ technology, your investment is also protected by the best warranty in the business, only at Amco Ranger.

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I just wanted to say thanks for all of your help with our termite problems. The gentleman that came to the house was wonderful! Please let him know we appreciated everything and again thank you for getting someone out so fast.
Sarah H., O’Fallon, MO
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Amco Ranger has almost 50 years of experience in identifying termite issues in homes around the St. Louis area. read more...
This is much less disruptive to your family, buildings, and landscaping than other termites. read more...
Amco Ranger uses termiticides featuring new non-repellent technology.
As you are building your home, you now have the opportunity to protect and prevent your home from nearly everything that can damage the wood, and many other problems.read more...
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