Amco Ranger provides professional wildlife control services to customers throughout St. Louis and St. Charles counties. Our service specialists focus on humane animal control solutions for homeowners, property managers, business and government. A nuisance animal can cause expensive property damage, create stress, and may pose health risks. Through our animal control services and prevention techniques, we can get rid of animal problems and prevent them from recurring.

Amco Ranger offers a unique approach to controlling destructive moles that integrates multiple control techniques into one convenient and effective program to give you results that other companies just can’t beat. Amco Ranger’s Mole Management Program stops the destructive feeding behavior of moles with the following basic steps:
Your technician will identify existing areas of active mole infestations by thoroughly inspecting the property.
If moles damage currently exists on the property, your technician will mark these areas by puncturing small holes in the feeding tunnels. Then, by re-inspecting on a follow up visit, your technician will be able to determine which of these feeding tunnels are active by looking for those that have been repaired by the mole.
The technician will then use scientifically proven bait, or strategically placed traps to eliminate active moles.
On subsequent monthly visits, your technician will inspect for new mole activity and treat as described above if activity is found. If no mole activity is found, your technician will apply a safe and natural mole repellant to critical areas on your property to repel moles that may try and enter your yard from adjacent properties.

Amco Ranger's mole management program is also a more affordable option for controlling moles in your yard. While many other companies charge customers for each mole captured in traps, our mole management program has one flat rate with no additional charges. This eliminates the unpredictable, and often very costly, charges that result from capturing multiple moles. Since there are no additional charges or limits on the number of return visits, you can be confident that Amco Ranger offers the best value in mole control services.

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