ant attic







Attics are a great place for carpenter ants (Camponotus spp.) to reside. Because they are wood-destroying organisms (WDO), a lot of damage can be done in six months to a year. Prevention is imperative.

What attracts carpenter ants to an attic space?

  1. The ideal buffet. Damp, rotting wood typically found near roof penetrations (vent pipes, chimneys, skylights, etc.) can provide sustenance for the entire colony.
  2. The ideal path. Power lines or tree limbs that connect to the home are access superhighways.
  3. The ideal conditions. Attics need to breathe. When they don’t, moisture builds up — providing a constant supply of water and allowing carpenter ants to flourish.
  4. The ideal shelter. Recent weather anomalies across the nation have created enough justification for many ant species to seek a more secure shelter from the elements. The attic can be an appealing spot in which to migrate.